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​Welcome to the website for the Office of Priestly Vocations of the Diocese of Grand Rapids, MI. This year twenty-five men from our diocese will be in seminary formation programs in preparation for ordination, seven of whom are new to formation. Thirteen of these men are at St. John Vianney College Seminary and twelve are at USML/Mundelein Seminary.

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360 Division Ave. S. Grand Rapids, MI 49503

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Seminarian Peter Wasinski

College IV 
Immaculate Heart of Mary
Grand Rapids, MI

Alexandra and Robert Wasinski

Theresa, Gus, Philip, Tom, Greg

University of St. Thomas – St. John Vianney College Seminary

Peter likes to play soccer, basketball, and ultimate Frisbee.  When he is not studying, he likes to spend time with friends.

Who inspired you to be a priest?

Fr. Troy Nevins, his devotion to prayer and and to be a servant to his people has inspired me to consider the priesthood.

Why do you want to be a priest?

I have experienced the love of the father and I want to show that love to others.

What do you love the most about seminary?

The brotherhood, having almost 100 other guys all striving to growing holiness is such a blessing. 

What are you most grateful for?

I am grateful for the opportunity to be at seminary where I have grown so much in my relationship with God and His church.

Write to Peter at:
University of St. Thomas
2115 Summit Ave. 
St. Paul, MN  55105

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